Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why I Don't Really Care for Tim Tebow...

"Tebow has changed NFL QB game" "Tim Tebow: All he does is win" "Rick Perry Compares himself to Tim Tebow" "Tebow wins again! Drug sniffing dog named after the football star makes a cocaine bust" " 'Tebowing': Dictionary Recognizes Tim Tebow Phenomenon"

You can barely turn on the television these days without seeing Tim Tebow smiling, Tim Tebow winning, Tim Tebow working out, Tim Tebow tebowing, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow, Tim Tebow... Annoying right? Don't get me wrong. Tim Tebow is a great kid. He has a Heisman. He has two BCS Championship rings. He's a humanitarian. He's a devout Christian. He has worked as missionary. He is everything the NFL wishes in a poster boy. I get it. I really do. I really don't hate Tim Tebow the person. As a matter of fact, he is a great role model for kids, but Tim Tebow the football player? I can't stand that dude.

tim tebow

I once described Tim Tebow as the best/worst football player ever. Yes, he wins. So, did Trent Dilfer. What's your point? Doesn't make him a good quarterback. People say he has a six game win streak. Yes, as a starter, he does have six game winning streak, but he has played in nine games this season. We first got a glimpse of Tebow when he came off the bench in relief of Kyle Orton at halftime during the game against San Diego. He almost rallied the Broncos to a victory. Almost. The Broncs lost 29-24. Next game, started the legend, as Tebow and the Broncos got past Miami in OT 18-15. The next game people like to pretend never happened. You guys remember right? The 45-10 drumming by the Detroit Lions. No, that because you've been blinded by his victories since then against Oakland (7-6), Kansas City (5-8), New York Jets (8-5), San Diego (6-7), Minnesota (2-11), and Chicago (7-6).

Tim Tebow approching the tunnel to the locker room ..

Oakland is playing with a quarterback who showed up after an extended summer vacation. Kansas City doesn't have a quarterback, running back, tight end, don't even get me started with my Chiefs. The Jets have been wishy-washy all year, and Sanchez...I'll get back to Sanchez. San Diego is in some weird funk, and they have just started to right the ship a little too late. Minnesota is 2-11. I don't think more needs to be said there. Chicago is without their starting quarterback and running back and coming off a loss to...wait for it...Kansas City. These are all mediocre teams at best. Minnesota and Kansas City aren't even mediocre. [Look, I love my Chiefs, but I'm a realist.]

What bothers me the most about this entire Tebow saga is the fact that many aren't making a big deal about the Denver Defense and Matt Prater. I guess the Denver D is chopped liver, because they are only ranked 19th in the league. Tim Tebow may have gotten them to overtime, but let's remember that it was Prater's leg that secured the victory. The media has taken this story and are running all the way to Madison Avenue with it. Yet, it isn't new, and Tim, I'm sorry, kid, sooner rather than later it's going to catch up with you.

Don't believe me? Ask your teammate Brady Quinn who was on the cover of everything when he came out of college. The next best thing-until he found himself waiting for Cleveland to take him 22nd, and only to find himself sitting behind you on the depth chart. Oh, wait a minute, you were behind him at the beginning of the season, but the fans want what the fans want.

What about Matt Leinert? Yeah, he was another guy the NFL tried to turn into a poster boy, until his flaws were revealed as well. He was last seen exiting his relief role in Houston with an injury. Matt Sanchez, a couple of years ago, he was Mr. GQ, Mr. New York, and now, people are questioning whether or not he should be the starter. Then, there is Tony Romo. In 2006, Tony Romo was you. He was behind a fading quarterback Drew Bledsoe. Cowboy Nation demanded they start Tony. Like you, he took over during the second half of a game against the New York Giants. Like you, he lost that game. Like you, he made his first start in week seven, and like you, Romo led his team to victory. Like you, his next game in week eight, he lost to the Carolina Panthers. Then, he went on a 4 game win streak. America fell in love with Tony Romo and Romomania was born. He was everywhere. He was dating Jessica Simpson. He had an ESPN commercial. The media fell in love with the "aw, shucks, ma'am" attitude of Tony Romo. He and the Cowboys rode that horse named Hype all the way to the playoffs, but what most people remember about that 2006 season is this.

The shine started to fade from Romo's star after that game. Five years later, he still hasn't quite righted the ship.

Tim, it's not your fault that the media is hyping you more than Kris Jenner does her family. Unfortunately for you, this much hype is going to have backlash. Sorry, kid. In some cases, it has already started. There are those that dislike you because of what they see as your overtly Christian behavior. That's not why I dislike you. I am a Christian, and I admire that aspect of your game. Although, quite frankly, I think God has a few more important things on his plate besides your game. Some people dislike you because they think you are genuinely a horrible quarterback. That's not why I dislike you. Some people dislike you because they are tired of hearing your name. I fall into that category. You, my friend, are the Justin Beiber of the NFL. You are just good enough. Not great. Just good enough.

The real reason I don't like you, Timmy, is because you are a Bronco. I hate the Broncos. I have always hated the Broncos. I loved Neil Smith, but when he became a Bronco, nothing but hate. I can't stand Shannon Sharpe, John Elway, Terrell Davis, Champ Bailey, can't stand them!!!

I didn't even like Jerry Rice when he wore the colors for a hot minute. Now, you are wearing their colors. I want you to fail as a quarterback. Why? Because it makes life better for my team, and I will not apologize for that. Oh, by the way, good luck, with that hype thing. You're gonna need it...

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  1. ESPN is responsible for Tebow's hype, especially after that pep rally they had on First Take yesterday. It's a shame that people dislike him not for anything he's done, but for the media hype behind him.

    SN: As a Boys fan, I have to defend Romo on that vid you posted. Everyone remembers the botched snap, but no one remembers what happened after that play. Romo cost the Boys the lead, but I still don't think that he cost them the game if you watch the rest.