Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL Week 16 Picks...

Merry Christmas!!! Feliz Navidad!!! Happy Hanukkah!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! Happy Festivus!!! Happy Winter Solstice!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays Wreath

Sleigh bells ring are you listening? It's the time in the NFL where the guys are either getting ready to book flights to their playoff destinations or rent that old U-Haul to clean out their lockers and begin their vacations a little early (see Cleveland, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Jacksonville, etc.) Well, I'm finally floating down from Cloud Nine after my Chiefs...that's right MY CHIEFS beat the undefeated Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers!!!! I couldn't believe it, especially since I picked against them.

It's an HDR Christmas

This week the Oakland Raiders roll into Arrowhead to once again renew their rivalry. Oddly, every team, including the Kansas City Chiefs, are still in the playoff hunt. I don't really know how. I'm an English major and that requires math, and yeah, I don't really like math.


The craziness reared its ugly head again last week. It was mismash of lunacy, as Indy finally won a game (they made it two in a row on Thursday night beating the Texans), Philly spanked the Jets, the Redskins beat the Giants, and Carolina beat Houston. It was absolutely unbelievable. Oh, Timmy boy lost. Can't wait for Monday Night Football! Tony Gonzalez vs. Jimmy Graham...I mean, the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New Orleans Saints!!!

Falcons vs. Saints - 2011



Yeah, I know that it is's my blog, though...

Last week was a dismal time here at Diana Dishes. I went an abysmal 6-7 bringing my total to 121-55. Dear Santa, bring me some better picks this week...

Saturday, December 24

New York Giants @ New York Jets-New York Jets (I already regret this pick. Both these teams frustrate the daylights out of me...and their fans.)

St. Louis Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers-Pittsburgh

Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati Bengals-Arizona

Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins-Washington

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers-Carolina

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills-Denver

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs-Kansas City (I will not pick Oakland against my Chiefs. Rise up Raider-haters!!!)

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots-New England

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens-Baltimore

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans-Tennessee

San Diego Chargers @ Detroit Lions-San Diego

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks-San Francisco

Sunday, December 25 - Christmas Day

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers-Green Bay

Monday, December 26

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints-New Orleans

Well, everybody, that's all I've got. The NFL is knocking out most of its games on Saturday afternoon for your gift wrapping entertainment. The NBA will be there on Christmas to help distract you from the fam until Chicago/Green Bay. Until next time, remember "“Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....” ― Dr. Seuss

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