Sunday, December 18, 2011

NFL Week 15 Picks...

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It is week 15 in the NFL, and time is running out for several teams. The Atlanta Falcons helped their cause by destroying Jacksonville 41-14 on Thursday Night Football. *Roddy White-did you have to jack TG in the end zone, man?* The Cowboys are positioning themselves as well with their 31-15 victory last night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. *Raheem Morris, you may need to brush up that old resume friend, signed Todd Haley and Tony Sparano* Tebow mania is in full effect. Whatever...

Well, black Monday hit with a vengeance last week as the Dolphins finally fired Tony Sparano, and the Chiefs gave Todd Haley his walking papers. The Dolphins, well, even a blind man saw that one coming *that was a horrible cliche.* The Chiefs-I'll be honest. I never really liked Todd Haley. He was rather arrogant, and I thought he made a mistake not trying to keep Charlie Weis who was making Cassell look a lot better than he maybe was. I don't really blame Todd for all the problems with the Chiefs. I mean, there were a ton of injuries, and let's be real, did any of us see the Chiefs repeating as AFC West Champions? I didn't, but when San Diego jumped the track, there was a slight chance. Now...sheesh...

Ah, well "Que sera, sera." Last week wasn't so bad, 11-3. That brings my season total to 115-48. Not bad. The craziness that is the run for the playoffs begins today. Here we go...

Sunday, December 18

Cincinnati Bengals @ St. Louis Rams-Cincinnati

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills-Buffalo (smh)

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts-Indianapolis (My bold prediction)

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants-New York Giants

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs-Green Bay (I want to pick my Chiefs, they are at Arrowhead, and they have Romeo Crennel as interim head coach. Yeah, I can't do it. Go Chiefs!!!)

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears-Chicago

Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans-Houston

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings-New Orleans

Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders-Detroit

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos-New England

New York Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles-New York

Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals-Arizona

Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers-Baltimore

Monday, December 19

Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Francisco 49ers-San Francisco

Until next time, "Football is very unpredictable, so who knows what is going to happen? Anything is possible in football."~

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