Sunday, October 2, 2011

NFL Week 4 Picks: September is finally over...

Week Four brings a new month. Fall is in the air. There is a little more crisp to the air. Yes, it is finally feeling like football weather. Yet... There is all kinds of bizarro things happening in the NFL. Have you looked at the standings recently? The #1 team in the AFC East, not the Patriots, but the Buffalo Bills. AFC South Houston (Indy is in the basement without Peyton), the reigning AFC west champion Kansas City Chiefs haven't even sniffed a victory while the Raiders and Chargers are tied atop AFC West. Only the AFC North is about right with the exception of the Browns being tied with the Pittsburgh and Baltimore at the top.

Buffalo Bills, NFL.

The NFC hasn't been exempt from the crazy either. Detroit is tied for the top position in the North with the reigning Super Bowl Champs. My Super Bowl pick and reigning NFC South Champ Atlanta Falcons are looking up at every team in their division. The Eagles who many picked to continue roosting at the top of the NFC East have been kicked out of their nest by the Boys, Skins, and Giants who are tied for first.

Ndamukong Suh

The first month of the season has many heads spinning. Four of last years division winners have currently set up residence in their division basement-Kansas City, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Five teams have yet to sniff a victory-Kansas City, Miami, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and St. Louis (Don't even get me started on the Chiefs). I'm sure these teams like their fans are glad September is finally over. It had to play like a 4 hour bad movie. Although, I think it's pretty cool that the Bills are on top in the AFC East. That team could use a little good luck. So could my Chiefs...

Tony Gonzalez Reception count is at 1083. Eleven away from tying Tim Brown.

Tony Gonzalez runs a post pattern

Tony Gonzalez Touchdown count is at 91. Nine more and he breaks into the top 20 all time. The Chiefs aren't doing anything, so, I'm kinda bored. Sue me :)

Although my Chiefs have a losing record, I'm surprisingly on the upside of my picks. Fantasy players don't forget that the bye weeks start next week. Week 5 byes are Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington. Last week, I went 10-6, bringing my record to 31-16. Let's see if I continue my winning ways (smh, this is probably a harbinger of doom). . .
Sunday, October 2

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Texans (CBS 1PM)-Pittsburgh

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns (CBS 1PM)-Tennessee

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals (CBS 1PM)-Buffalo

Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys (FOX 1PM)-Detroit

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears (FOX 1PM)-Chicago

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams (FOX 1PM)-Washington

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles (FOX 1PM)-Philadelphia

Minnesota Vikings @ Kansas City Chiefs (FOX 1PM)-Kansas City (Seriously, boys!!)

New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars (FOX 1PM)-New Orleans

New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals (FOX 4PM)-New York

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks (FOX 4PM)-Atlanta (C'mon Falcons)

Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers (CBS 4:15PM)-Green Bay

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers (CBS 4:15PM)-San Diego

New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders (CBS 4:15PM)-New England

New York Jets @ Baltimore Ravens (NBC 8:20PM)-Baltimore

Monday, October 3

Indianapolis Colts @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ESPN 8:30PM)-Tamba Bay

Until next week, "If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it; for it is hard to be sought out, and difficult"~Heraclitus

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