Sunday, September 25, 2011

NFL Picks Week 3: 99 Problems...

Sigh, good morning, everybody...I sigh on behalf of the rest of Chiefs Nation. Last season, our beloved Chiefs surprised not only us, but everybody else, when they won the AFC West and finished the year with a 10-6 record. We thought, "Hey, we are finally turning it around!" I after all, the Chiefs had only won 10 games in the last three years (a dismal 10-38 record). Honestly, last year the Chiefs had a relatively soft schedule, they're wins were against San Diego (we play them twice a year most people thought it was a lucky win because San Diego always starts slow), Cleveland, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Arizona, Seattle, Denver, St. Louis, and Tennessee Seriously, they basically played the AFC West, NFC West, and the NFC South. They lost the games they were suppose to Indy, Houston, San Diego, once to Denver, and inexplicably, twice to the Raiders.

Arrowhead Stadium

I'm not putting this horrible start (89-10, really?) on the injuries. Yes, Tony Moeaki is hurt, and he is good, but he was not Tony Gonzalez. Moeaki had 47 receptions, 556 yards, 3 touchdowns. That would help, but Dwayne Bowe is the top receiver is still there. A Brief Digression: Congratulations to former Chief Tony Gonzalez. He passed Terrell Owens on the all time receptions list. He currently sitting all alone in 5th place All-Time with 1,081 receptions. He has Tim Brown (1,094 receptions) in his sights needing only 13 more to tie and 14 more to jump him. Oh, by the way, Chiefs, I think you can lay some of your problems at the disrespectful way you just let that dude whose name I refuse to acknowledge wear Tony G's #88. I know you aren't going to retire it until he is in the Hall, but come on, really?

2010 Falcons at Saints

Jamaal Charles was the Chiefs top runner, but Thomas Jones had more carries, and more touchdowns (Charles had over 500 more yards). Eric Berry was the second on the defense, but #1 Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali (who had 14.5 sacks) are still there. So what's the problem? Matt Cassel is playing like a back up quarterback. The Chiefs have managed to only have 25 First Downs this season. 480 total offensive yards (Tom Brady and Cam Newton got more than that by themselves in one game). Penalties? When did the Chiefs turn into the Raiders? I mean, eight penalties against the Lions, three penalties against the Bills. Cassel has been sacked 4 times. There are problems everywhere. Now they head to San Diego, who are a little heated over that loss to New England. Unless something changes in the next week or so, I see my Chiefs taking up permanent residence in the AFC West basement. It truly sickens me to see my Chiefs looking up at the Broncos and the Raiders.

Tamba Hali and Glenn Dorsey

Ah, well here are my NFL Picks for week three (All times are Eastern):

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
(FOX 1PM): Philadelphia
Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings
(FOX 1PM): Detroit
San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals
(FOX 1PM): San Francisco
Texans @ New Orleans Saint
s (CBS 1PM): New Orleans
New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
(CBS 1PM): New England
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Carolina Panthers
(CBS 1PM): Carolina
Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns
(CBS 1PM): Miami
Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans
(CBS 1PM): Tennessee
New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders
(CBS 4PM): New York
Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers
(CBS 4PM): San Diego
Baltimore Ravens @ St. Louis Rams
(CBS 4PM): Baltimore
Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
(FOX 4:15PM): Green Bay
Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
(FOX 4:15PM): Atlanta
Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks
(FOX 4:15PM): Arizona
Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts
(NBC 8:20PM): Pittsburgh

Monday, September 26

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (ESPN 8:30PM): Dallas

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