Saturday, January 15, 2011

Paging the Geico Pothole...

Welcome back, everybody... Well, the NFL Playoffs are in full effect, and like every season since 1994, the Chiefs will not be advancing past the first round of the playoffs. I must say overall I was proud of my Chiefs. Jamaal Charles is becoming a legitimate threat. Dwayne Bowe was awesome when they remembered that he was on the team. Dexter McCluster will get better as he gets more time. Matt Cassel scares the hell out of me for all the wrong reasons. Tamba Hali, Glenn Dorsey, Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry, and Javier Arenas will only get better. I have a lot of hope for my Chiefs next year.

That game, however, was hard for me to watch. At first it was great, like when you get a new set of tire on your car. Everything is running smoothly, and you are enjoying the ride. Second quarter, you think there is a leak in one of the tires, but you don't worry. You put a little air in it, check the pressure, and continue on your way. Third quarter, you know there is a problem. You get the tire patched, but it's still leaking. Fourth quarter, the tire pops, your car spins out of control, and you hit a wall. That's what it was like watching the Ravens dismantle my Chiefs last week. They are a young team. They survived the playoff crash with very few injuries, now off to the repair shop to fix all of the problems and have a successful 2011 season.

Watching the Saints/Seahawks game was equally disturbing. I kept wanting Drew Brees and the boys to come back, but alas it was for naught and the Seahawks became the first team in NFL History with a losing record to win a playoff game. (This only futher drives home the fact that the Chiefs have not won a playoff game since January 16, 1994.)

Peyton Manning's playoff woes continues as Nick Folk and the Jets kicked their way into the second round. Finally, Aaron Rodgers and his skully swepted into Philly to knock the Eagles out of the playoffs.

So, here are my picks for this week:

The Baltimore Ravens vs. The Pittsburgh SteelersEarlier this year I picked the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl; therefore, I will, against my better judgement, pick the Baltimore Ravens. Yesterday, I heard this great stat about the Ravens and the Steelers on Mike and Mike in the Morning. (Yeah, I don't know why I still listen to them). In their last four games with each other, each team is 2-2. Each team has scored 67 points in those match ups. They had the same record 12-4 going into the playoffs. Talk about evenly matched, and they just flat out hate each other. I'm going with the Ravens.

The Green Bay Packers
vs. The Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons have only lost 2 home games since Matt Ryan arrived in Atlanta. That said they are taking on the Green Bay Packers who earlier this year I picked to go to the Super Bowl. If you've even half read this blog, you know that Tony Gonzalez is one of my all time favorite players. I would love to see TG get a playoff victory. I know a lot of Chiefs fans are still bitter that TG is a Falcon. I'm not one of these. So, good luck, Tony!!! I'm picking the Falcons.

The Seattle Seahawks vs. The Chicago Bears
I don't know how the math worked out that Chicago ended up with the Seahawks, but whatever. This is one of those games that I couldn't care less about. I've hated Jay Cutler since he has his crybaby attitude first suited up as a Bronco. Seattle? I'm still rolling my eyes at the fact they are even here. (What happened Saints?) I'm picking the Bears.

The New York Jets
vs. The New England Patriots
The Jets use to be one of those innocuous teams that I really never paid much attention to. Since Brett Favre and Rex Ryan hit New York, it has been all Jets, all the time. Brett is back in Mississippi contemplating how badly his life has gone and possibly bailing his sister out of jail, but Rex and the boys have picked up where Favre lefted off leaving sound bites and controversy in their wake. Quite frankly they have become rather annoying. On the other side of this rivalry, you have Bill "Mumbles" Belichick and Tom "Bieber" Brady. They don't say much in public, yet somehow they are equally annonying. I expect a tough game from both sides, and I don't expect the Jets defense to just let Brady walk into the Championships. Even so, I'm picking the Patriots.

Those are the picks, boys and girls. Until next week, "The upcoming playoffs are filled with intrigue. Who will be left standing when it's all said and done? Who will proclaim, 'We did it, we won!'?"~Bob Frantz. Good luck to all the teams!!! Lets go, Tony G!!!!

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