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Fantasy Quarterbacks Report

Howdy do, everybody. Well, it's almost that time...The fantasy seasons are gearing up. Fantasy geeks all over are perusing fantasy mags, crunching numbers, and selecting punny names for their teams...Now, you need a quarterback.

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. The reigning Super Bowl Champs has one of the fantasy heroes of one of the past few years. In addition to leading the Saints to the Lombardi trophy, Brees racked up 4388 yards while leading the league with 34 touchdowns. Brees only gave up 11 interceptions over the 16 game season. Brees had 7 games where he threw for over 300 yards including a 419 yard performance against the Washington Redskins. He finished the fantasy season with 336.50 fantasy points averaging 22.43 pts. per game.

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24: Drew <span class=

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers finished in the top 5 in passing yards touchdowns, and fantasy points. Rodgers ended the 2009 season with 4434 yards and 30 touchdowns. Rodgers, unlike his predecessor Brett Favre, doesn't turn the ball over much either with only 7 interceptions last season. Rodgers only had 5 games over 300 yards last year, but he averaged 277.13 yards per game. He finished the fantasy season with 372.10 fantasy points, averaging 23.26 fantasy pts. per game.

Jan 10, 2010; Glendale, AZ, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers throws a pass during the 2010 NFC Wild Card playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Packers 51-45 in overtime.

Matt Shaub of the Houston Texans. Matt Shaub led all quarterbacks in passing yards last year with 4770 yards. He threw 29 touchdowns; however, he also turned the ball over 15 times last year, but it was good enough to start the Pro Bowl in place of Peyton Manning. Matt Shaub had 9 games where he tossed over 300 yards, including a 392 yard 4 touchdown performance against the Cincinnati Bengals. Shaub finished the year with 298.13 yards per game. He finished the fantasy season with 331.60 fantasy points, averaging 20.73 pts. per game.

July 30, 2010 - Houston, Texas, United States of America - 30 July 2010: Houston Texans quarterback Matt <span class=

Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton has been a fantasy stalwart for years now, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Peyton was second in both yards and touchdowns last year. He racked up 4500 yards and 33 touchdowns to 16 interceptions. (You ever notice that Peyton Manning only needs one name now?). Like Shaub, Manning tossed for over 300 yards 9 times last year. His best game was a 379 yard, 4 touchdown performance against the Arizona Cardinals. He finished the fantasy season with 322.70 fantasy points, averaging 20.17 pts. per game.

February 7, 2010 - Miami, FL. - Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning throws a pass in the second quarter of action in Super Bowl <span class=

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. Coming of a knee injury, Brady had a lot to prove last year, and for fantasy players he did not disappoint. He finished the season with 4398 yards and 28 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. He threw for over 300 yards 7 times last year. His best game was a 380 yard, 6 touchdown performance against the Tennessee Titans (I remember, because Brady spanked one of my teams by himself.). He finished the fantasy season with 314.30 fantasy points, averaging 19.64 pts. per game.

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Other Top Ten Quarterbacks:
Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys), Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers), Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings, unless he decides to be the starting quarterback for Oak Grove), Eli Manning (New York Giants), Donovan McNabb (Washington Redskins), and Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears). Look for much improvement from Vince Young (Tennessee Titans), Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons), Mark Sanchez (New York Jets) and Matthew Stafford.

Rookie on the Rise: Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams
All eyes are turning toward St. Louis and the Rams #1 pick Sam Bradford. The Rams have a much riding a kid that only played 3 games last year because of a bum shoulder. In his 31 game career with the Oklahoma Sooners, Bradford threw for over 8400 yards with 88 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. The 2008 Heisman Trophy winner will now try to turn the Rams around. Good luck, Sam.

EARTH CITY, MO - JULY 31: Sam Bradford  of the St. Louis Rams passes during training camp at the Russell Athletic Training Facility on July 31, 2010 in Earth City, Missouri. (Photo by <span class=

*Fantasy tip: Make sure you read the rules for your fantasy league's points system. Points vary from Organization to organization (,, and from league to league.

Until next time, "I learned that if you want to make it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it." Gale Sawers

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