Sunday, January 24, 2010

Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad, Unless it Involves the Chargers…

Happy Championship Weekend football fans! It is now down to four teams: The New Orleans Saints, The Minnesota Vikings, The Indianapolis Colts, and the San Diego…sorry, The New York Jets. All aboard the Jets bandwagon everybody, and you know why, because Rex Ryan said so. It’s been a week, and I’m still a little irked with Nate Keading. Nate “the Great” my aunt Fanny…0 for 3. Okay, take the 57-yarder out of the equation, if he made two, the Chargers would have been on their way to Indy; one and at least over time. It will be a while before I get over not seeing Shawne Merriman against Peyton Manning, thanks Nate. Well, the Saints spanked the Cardinals handedly in the Superdome and hit Kurt Warner so hard he is contemplating retirement. The Vikings danced the Minnesota two-step all over the Dallas Cowboys, as the ancient one, Lord Lorenzo Favre will now launch his Vikings down the Mississippi to New Orleans. *Dramatic voice* “and then, there were four.”

Before I get to my predictions sure to go wrong, let’s take a look around the NFL. Everybody’s talking about the CBA, and how it will affect this year’s free agents. I’m only concerned about one in particular…we know who that is no need to name names or reveal my hope that he will team up with a certain former Chicago Bear turned coach and a former teammate with the initials VD or a certain young man from the SEC who all play near the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m not saying; I’m just saying… I didn’t send my condolences to the family of Gaines Adams last week. From all stories, he was a talented player and a special young man who left an impact on all he knew. I didn’t know much, because I don’t really follow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Chicago Bears. Still, it is sad to see a young man struck down in his prime. RIP Gaines Adams. Mike Nolan parted ways with Josh “Little Hoodie” McDaniels, and became the DC for Miami. I don’t know what is going on with McDaniels. Maybe he has a Napoleon complex. Then, there is crazy Al Davis in Oakland, who may or may not keep Tom Cable. I don’t really care about either of these teams personally. The more dysfunction there is in Denver and Oakland the less interest in what’s going on in Kansas City. Tony Gonzalez announced that he would be returning for the 2010 season! That’s all. Thanks to the NFL Network for interviewing Darren Sharper, Dustin Keller and their dimples on the same day. I totally appreciate that guys.
Wade Phillips and Norv Turner both received contract extentions...yeah, I don't know why either. The Buffalo Bills finally hired a Head Coach this week. After every coach in existence appeared to turn them down, they finally hired for Chiefs OC and Cowboys head coach Chan Gailey. Good luck with that. Now, down to business.

The AFC Championship game: The New York Jets v. The Indianapolis Colts. Okay, I’ll admit, that I am still a little bitter about the fact that the Jets are in the AFC Championship game, and I still can’t believe that Nate Kaeding missed that field goal or Antonio Cromartie missed that freaking tackle. The Jets played a good game *said through clenched teeth.* Rex Ryan and his defense better come to play today, because unless Peyton’s arm is hanging on by one sinew, Curtis Painter ain’t seeing any action. Darrelle Revis is going to have to play a heck of a game today. There will be no lying down and playing dead today. I’m going with my SEC homeboy, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Co

The NFC Championship game: The Minnesota Vikings v. The New Orleans Saints. This game is a little tougher to predict. While I, too, am from Mississippi and went to college in Hattiesburg, I dislike Brett Favre; it’s not rational, but I said it. I only rooted for him last week because I absolutely hate the Dallas Cowboys and will not root for them, even if a certain linebacker miraculously signs with them in the offseason. I have standards. I enjoyed every moment of that blowout in New Orleans last week. I love Drew Brees, and I was even impressed with Reggie “hugging the sideline” Bush. I love Darren Sharper. Then, there are all of those receivers that the Saints have (too many to name here). Sean Payton and the Saints have been marching up and down the field behind the arm of Brees. Sure, the Vikings have that great defense. I see you, Jared Allen, Kevin and Pat Williams. Did I mention, that I love Darren Sharper? I just wanted to put it out there that Darren Sharper is a cutie. That said, I picture a whole lot of celebrating tonight in the Big Easy. Laissez le bontemps roulez, New Orleans! I’m picking the Saints.

Sidenote: To all Jets fans, it’s not that I don’t think that you guys can win, it’s just that I can’t imagine two USC “stars” in the Super Bowl at the same time. The Pac-10 love would be unbearable.

That’s it, Y’all!! I’m predicting a Colts-Saints Super Bowl, which will be fine and dandy here below the Mason-Dixon line. Until next week…
If you're not making mistakes, you're not taking risks, and that means you're not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more changes to learn and win. John W. Holt, Jr.

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