Monday, June 22, 2009

Why so Serious?

I admit. I had high hopes when I began this blog. I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to put all of my opinions on everything here for everyone to read-Whether they agreed with me or not. Then, I realized somthing. I was often angrier after I wrote the message. I needed an outlet. I wanted to do something fun. As a teacher, I face so many problems everyday. I often come home so wound up that I can't sleep. So, this blog is going to change. I am not going to rant as often. As a matter of fact, I going to try not to rant at all.

Three years ago, several of my students decided that they wanted to start a fantasy football league. They needed one more person to join. Since they were not betting any money, and it was all for fun, I joined their league. I had grown up a football fan, and I thought I knew enough about football to get me throught the year. Boy, was I wrong.

My first mistake was choosing players I liked, i.e. Tony Gonzalez. To say that threw off the dynamics of the entire team was an understatement. My homerism was killing my team. I finished the season next to last. We had so much fun, that we expanded into fantasy baseball. Most of us had lost interest by July. I placed third in the league without changing my roster for one month.

The next year I had three fantasy football teams. One with my now former students, and two others. Once again, my students beat me. I was last place. But in my other leagues, I was second and third. So, I was not entirely stupid when it came to picking a winning team.

This past year, we had two leagues, but I had five teams. I won two championships (in one league I was the only girl). I placed second in another (lost the championship by 1 point). With my boys, next to last and last. I just can't seem to beat them!

So, here's my blog's new goal. I am going to document my year as a fantasy football team owner. I know a lot of people consider us nerds. Well, I am. Some football fans hate us because we root for players on other teams. Yes, we do. But, I have some steadfast rules.

  1. I do not draft Raiders, Broncos, or Cowboys. Why? Because I hate those teams. No other reason.
  2. Unless absolutely necessary, I do not play opponents against my favorite teams. For example, I lost big points because I refused to play my San Diego Chargers Defense against Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson. I think Merriman had three sacks in that game, and the Chiefs lost.
  3. I try to have at least one player from my favorite teams on my fantasy team. Try. It's going to be difficult to find a player from either the Chiefs or the Niners to place on my team this year.
  4. Yes, I have more than one team. Sue me. The drafts take the longest. It takes about 15 minutes to set my line ups. But, I will not have more than three this year.
  5. Have fun!!!!! It's fantasy!!! Hello! But, I still PLAY TO WIN THE GAME (thanks Coach Edwards).

So, Diana Dishes will now dish on my year as a fantasy football owner. I will not give you advice about your team. I just want to give a little insight about mine. My scouting during the pre-season. The anxiety during the draft. The impatient waiting for Tuesday morning final scores.

So, let the games begin!!!

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