Sunday, April 2, 2017

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 16: "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***

***I update during commercials.***

I believe this opening of Sasha listening to music is her death scene.  I don't think she is going to make it to the next season.  Awwww...a flashback to Abraham. Just like when Tyrese died. He saw all the one's he lost when he died. Negan's back. He still thinks Sasha will help him get Rick back in check. Really, smiley face pancake Negan. 

Back to Alexandria. Dwight and Rick. Tara is all in Dwight's face about Denise.  Daryl wants to kill Dwight now. Yes, Dwight, Daryl wants to kill you. Tara wants to kill you, too. See, Daryl is not a murderer. Dwight is straight plotting, but I don't trust this guy as far as I can throw him. If he is lying, I'm going to kill him real slow. Tara is going to get herself killed being foolish. Calm down. Dwight will get what's coming to him.

At least Sasha is getting better music than Daryl. Negan wants them to stand down and then kill three of them with Lucille. Just one person has to die. Man, I hate Negan. These flashbacks are killing me slowly. Jesus and Mggie plotting for Hillside, and no one has checked on Gregory. Wait, is that Judith? What is going on with Morgan? Carol armed, Shiva ready to pounce, and now Zeke convincing Morgan to get with the program. Zeke with that Tiger man...


Junkyard crew rolling in on bikes and dump trucks...Jadis, really? they are laying down the trap. Abraham and his quips, oh how I missed him. Eugene escorting Sasha. These Sasha flashbacks. Wait, they are going in being led by Eugene. Rosita is looking like, can I just shoot him now. What just happened?  The bomb didn't go off. Man, the junk yard people turned. this like watching the WWE. Eff you Jadis and Dwight!!!! Freaking non-talking right junkyard hobos.

Negan, just makes me sick. I just can't get this dude.  Eugene turned on them, what did you expect Negan?  They got Sasha in a coffin? Man, I freaking hate Negan. You are not getting Daryl back. Negan is the worse stand up comedian. Y'all the suspense is killing me, and I think Sasha took the pill in the coffin.  These flashbacks with Abraham makes me miss what could have been.  Yeah, Sasha took the pill. She sacrificed herself for everybody. Carl is a BA with that gun. Sasha got one of the Saviors. This heifer just shot Rick!!!! And pushed him off the lookout!!!! I can't right now...Somebody has to kill Jadis. I need Carol to take out Jadis. C'mon, Michonne, don't let trashheap beat you. Man, they got Carl. Michonne finally took down Trashheap. Filthy garbage people what did they trade twelve of?  He can't kill Carl.  Not Carl...

Was that Michonne? That can't be Michonne. Nooooooo, not Michonne. Rick is good at talking crap man.  You are all already, dead. Rick ain't playing. There ya go Shiva. Alexandria will not fall. Is the tiger?  Maggie and Hilltop!!!!! Negan cannot believe what is happening. Shiva is eating some people. Who knew Zeke could pop caps. Warzone. Who is watching Judith? Negan rolling out flipping everybody off.  Trash-heap fell off the building. Michonne is Alive!!!!!

Negan is looking at Eugene, he knows that something hinky happened with Sasha. They knnow Sasha killed herself. Jesus took down walker. Maggie delivered the blow. Morgan and Carol side-by-side.  Michonne and Rosita healing. Dwight left the figure. The voice-over by Maggie at the end where she said they were following Glenn's lead. All the sobs. This was a great episode!!!!  It has been a great season, although we lost some great characters, the war has just begun.  Where is Gregory?  Will Oceanside join up? So many questions. Sigh...

See you in OCTOBER!!!!

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