Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dead Viewing: Season 7, Episode 14-"The Other Side"

***You may want to stop here.***
***There will be spoilers.***
***This is not a review. It is just my thoughts as I'm watching the show.***

***I update during commercials.***

Welcome back, everybody!! Tonight might be the night we lose some significant characters.  Last week, we lost Benjamin and Richard.  This week, Sasha and Rosita are about to embark on a what appears to be a suicide mission. Sasha is getting ready for the mission, and we see awwwww little Glenn.  Feels like everybody is saying goodbye.

Daryl still can't really talk to Maggie because he feels so guilty about Glenn.  Rosita's back.  Oh so, this is the lead up to what happened at the end of last week's episode. Jesus is trying to change Sasha's mind. Rosita is so freaking annoying, and now, she has dragged Sasha into her foolish trip.  Enid for once is right telling Maggie, because this can cause so many problems.  Man, the Saviors are coming, and they have to hide Maggie and Daryl, which puts shady Gregory in Charge.  Sasha and Rosita made it out, while Daryl and Maggie are hiding in the basement. Meanwhile Simon is interrogating Gregory.

(FYI, I'm so excited for the new season of Into the Badlands)

All these years and they have never passed one significant car lot. Rosita is sooooooooooooooooooooo annoying. Ugh...These Saviors.  They just got Enid's knife, as she was trying to keep them out of the basement.  Didn't know that the Saviors former doctor was the Hilltop's doctor were brothers.  I really hate Gregory.  Now, they are taking the Hilltop doctor to replace his dearly departed and barbequed brother.  Maggie had to stop Daryl from killing that Savior. Awwww, I can't take Daryl crying as he apologizes to Maggie. He still feels guilty, even though Maggie is telling him it's not his fault. She is telling him that he and Glenn were some of the good things in this world, and she needs him to help beat the Saviors. She needs him to help her win.  Annnnnnnnnd we are back to the suicide mission. Eugene walking the gate like he's in charge. Sasha looks like she wanted to cap him. They are tying knots waiting for Negan.  Roseta telling how she learned all of her tricks from all of her exes. She pretended she needed help to find out all the things they knew how to do. Abraham saw her for what she really was--quite capable. 

I'm starting to feel for Rosita. She was happy he was happy. Sasha is mad that Abraham didn't get a chance to fight. Well, glad they made up now that they are about to die. They just realized that they have doctor Carson, and there is Negan.  Eugene realizes that he may not the only doctor now, but he has given them intel about Negan, as well as, the level to which he is now kissing Negan's behind.  The girls aren't going to be able to take the outside shot so now they are going in. 

There are only five minutes, must we go back to Gregory and the Hilltop. Gregory is threatening Jesus. Gregory this is not going to work out well for you.  They just realized that Rosita and Sasha are gone. Eugene has turned full Negan.  Rosita and Sasha are going in and Eugene is ahead of them. Sasha locked Rosita out, and went in alone.  Is that Dwight or Daryl in the shadows. Is Gregory really sneaking up on Maggie with a knife?  Only two episodes left. UGH!!!! Is Sasha dead?  I think she is or will be shortly.

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