Sunday, September 7, 2014

NFL Week One: The 2014 Edition

Hey, hey, everybody! Wow! I can't believe that I haven't written a post since February.  Yikes! It's been a rather busy time folks. The end of the school year, summer, a school trip during the summer, preparing for school to start, and of course, the first days and weeks of school.  A teacher's job is never done.  Oh, well...So much happened during the past off-season that I don't feel right just skimming over it, but the Chiefs signed Alex Smith, Michael Vick is a Jet, Mark Sanchez is an Eagle, and Jimmy Graham will remain a Saint and a tight end (and pay $30,000 for his dunks over the goal posts).  Just scratching the surface.  I won't even go into the Ray Rice fiasco.  Suffice it to say, 2 games, no way...

This will be the first time in 17 years that I will not get to see my favorite player play.  Tony Gonzalez retired after 17 seasons.  He will be appearing every Sunday and some Thursdays on CBS's NFL Today.  I would like to take a moment to thank CBS for firing Shannon Sharpe, not because I'm a Shannon Sharpe hater (and I am), but because I never have to hear James Brown call his name again, which is why I switched to FOX's pregame.  Good Luck, TG!!

So here are my predictions that will fail miserably by the middle of the season.  I have not consulted any preseason shows, because yeah, busy...

NFC East-Washington
NFC South-New Orleans
NFC North-Green Bay
NFC West-Seattle

Wildcards-San Francisco and Chicago

AFC East-New England
AFC South-Indianapolis
AFC North-Baltimore
AFC West-Denver

Wildcards-Pittsburgh and Kansas City

NFC Champs-Seattle                      AFC Champs-Denver  

Super Bowl Champs-Denver (as much as that statement makes me sick.  Man, I hate the Broncos.)

Week 1 picks.  Every one is a 0-0 except Seattle who took out the Packers on Thursday night. 
Sunday, September 7
       New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans
       Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams-Minnesota
       Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears-Chicago
       Washington Redskins at Houston Texans-Washington
       Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens-Baltimore
       Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs-Kansas City
       New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins-New England
       Oakland Raiders at New York Jets-New York
       Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles-Philadelphia
       Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers-Pittsburgh
       San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys-San Francisco
       Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Carolina
       Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos-Denver
Monday, September 8
       New York Giants at Detroit Lions-New York
       San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals-San Diego

That's it everybody until next week,

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