Sunday, December 15, 2013

NFL Week 15 Picks

It's Week 15 in the NFL, and teams are now scratching and clawing to make their way into the playoffs.  I would like to take a moment to smile at the fact that Philip Rivers and the Chargers went to Denver and left with a victory on Thursday.  I don't want to get too arrogant with the taunting.  My Chiefs play the Raiders today, and those sneaky Raiders love to play the spoiler.  GO CHIEFS!!!!

So, the Washington Redskins are turning into the New York Jets. Coach Mike Shanahan decided to bench QB Robert Griffin III in favor Kirk Cousins citing the old "protecting him for next year and checking the value of Cousins" as the reason behind the benching. Yeah, right Shanahan. I really have no doubt that Shanahan is not a fan of RGIII, to be honest with you, I'm not either, but you know, whatever, I don't really see Shanahan there next year, and if healthy, RGIII will prove whatever he will actually be next year.  Rob Gronkowski has a torn ACL and MCL and will miss the rest of the season. This will be his 6th surgery in a little over a year.  I'm beginning to wonder if this guy will ever play another complete season.

Well, there are only three games left in the illustrious career of Tony Gonzalez. Too bad, those last there games will be with the wilting Falcons.  Gonzalez is 54 yards from 15,000, he scored his 109th touchdown (he is the active leader right now) last week, and he has had a reception in 208 consecutive games.  Pad the stats TG. Matt Ryan, you need to help him out, because you guys convinced him to come back to whatever this is in Atlanta.

I continued that .500 record last week with an 8-8 record, bringing my total to 115-90.  Sheesh...

Sunday, December 15
Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts: Indianapolis
Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville (Did I just say that?)
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins: New England
Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings:  Philadelphia
Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants:  Seattle
San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  San Francisco
Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons:  Atlanta (Do it for TG, guys!!!)
Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns:  Chicago
New York Jets at Carolina Panthers:  Carolina
Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders:  Kansas City
Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys:  Dallas
New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams:  New Orleans
Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans:  Tennessee
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers:  Cincinnati

Monday, December 16
Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions:  Baltimore

Until next week, "A goal without a plan is a wish. What's your plan?  It's on you, because you have to do all the work. " ~ Herman Edwards

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