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Fans, Stans, or Groupies...

Happy Monday, everybody. Like most relationships, I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Last night, some people were dropping some knowledge that sort of irked me. It reminded me of a quote one young man dropped a few weeks ago. This young man who shall heretofore remain nameless made the following generalization that women who follow sports are either groupies or gay (I won't repeat what he actually said, because I find that term offensive). I took exception to this comment, because I am not a groupie or gay, and I love sports. Most of my blog is devoted to my love of sports.


As far back as I can remember, I've followed sports. My Grandmother introduced me to sports. She was hopelessly devoted to the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers. My oldest cousins were mostly boys with whom I was not going to play "dollies." It was tackle football (mostly on gravel, no wonder my legs are jacked up), stinger baseball (which is played with a tennis ball, which is used basically to nail you as you round 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even if you are safe), and track (which often included one of them trying to trip you out of the starting gate). Even hide and seek turned into a contact sport. When it was over, it was into our grandmother's house to watch football (They liked mostly like the Cowboys, while I was a 49ers fan [converted to the Chiefs in the 90s]), basketball (They were and still are Lakers fans, while I supported and still support the Celtics), and wrestling (They [surprise] rooted for the bad guys, and I rooted for the babyfaces). Thursday nights, we went to junior high school football games, Friday nights high school football games. The reason I joined the band was because I couldn't play football, and this would get me into all the games for free. Two of my cousins were pretty good football players, one even played for Mississippi College. My uncle who is a workaholic, would always turn to me for information on any and all of his favorite players and teams. I was my family's walking talking version of ESPN.

1990:  Center Robert Parish and forward Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics walk down the court during a game. Mandatory Credit: Tim de Frisco  /Allsport

When I was in 7th grade, I had a final growth spurt and shot up to 5' 4". My P.E. teacher thought it would be a good idea for me to join the basketball team, as I was one of the taller girls. She thought. I sucked. One, there was a reason I was in band. I had no coordination, and band was spent mostly in a chair. Two, the running. Like my favorite baseball player, David Justice, I wasn't that keen on all those damn laps. Three, I can't shoot a basket to save my life. To leave practice, we would have to shoot 10 free throws in a row. I would be the last girl there with only one or two baskets. I would shoot until she felt sorry for me. After two days, we both realized that this was a bad idea. *Shrug*

24 Oct 1995: Fred McGriff of the Atlanta Braves stands for the National Anthem with David justice and Ryan Klesko before a game against the Cleveland Indians at the Jacobs Field in Cleveland, Ohio. The Indians defeated the Braves 7-6.

I grew up with Joe Montana and the catch, loved Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, Brent Jones, Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Cornelius Bennett, Bruce Smith, Darryl Talley, Rod Woodson, hated Danny White, Tony Dorsett (I don't really hate him. He seems like a nice dude, but he wore the star), Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irving, John Elway, basically all things Denver, Dallas and Oakland. When I was younger, I wasn't looking at these guys going, "OMG, Becky, they are gorgeous." Mostly, because they weren't. I watched sports for the pure athleticism, for the head knocking, and the trash talking (which was the only reason I remotely like Shannon Sharpe). I loved it!

22 Sep 1996:  Quarterback John Elway #7 of the Denver Broncos attempts to hang onto the football as he is hit and tackled by linebacker Derrick Thomas #58 and Anthony Davis #50 of the Kansas City Chiefs for a sack during a pass play in the Broncos 17-14 l

I admit as I started Jr. High school, I started realizing how cute some athletes were. While my friends had Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, New Edition, or NKOTB on their walls, on their binders and in their lockers, mine were covered with David Justice, Rod Woodson, Warren Moon, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Derrick Thomas. When I started college, while the girls were watching 90210 and Melrose Place in our lobby, I was across the alley at the rec hall watching the Braves or the NFL with the guys, who were often at a loss for words at my ability to learn and spout off facts, or the fact that I would give them a hearty STFU without fear of retaliation. Most of my friends were athletes; most of my boyfriends were athletes. Not because, that's what I was looking for, it was with whom I was hanging out.


Now, I will fully admit the only reason I have remotely rooted for the San Diego Chargers is because of one Shawne Merriman. If he ever leaves the Chargers, I will go back to ignoring them, like I basically did before he came into the league. I almost did when they fired Marty Schottenheimer. I honestly rooted for the Saints, because they are considered our "hometeam" and Darren Sharper. Reggie Bush? Uh, no. "Sideline" Reggie is cute, but I can't really think of one thing I would like to hear him talk about. The gay aspect, I am not gay. I love men. So, why wouldn't I watch sports that have the finest specimen of the opposite sex. It's why I watch movies, too. That doesn't mean I want to jump the bones of every single guy on the screen. I love Don Cheadle the actor; it doesn't mean I want to be his baby momma. Add Forrest Whittaker and Morgan Freeman to that list.

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 25: Shawne Merriman #56 of the San Diego Chargers warms up before the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 25, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez participates in the Best Hands competition in the NFL Pro Bowl Skills Challenge at the J.W. Mariott Ihilani Resort & Spa in Ko'Olina, HI on Friday, Feb. 11, 2005 Photo via Newscom

I love 48 Hours, but I'm gonna keep it on the real. I pay more attention to the story when it's told by Troy Roberts rather than Peter Van Sant. Why do you have to degrade women? Let's keep it real. You boys watched Tomb Raider minamally for the action and maximally for Angelina Jolie and her boobs. You watched Transformers for the action and Megan Fox, clearly storyline was not important with that film. I'm the girl who was pissed that they added too much of the love story between Aragorn and Arwen in the Lord of the Rings.

Angelina Jolie before the premiere of the film 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider' at Mann Village Theatre in Los Angeles, CA., Monday, June 11, 2001.  (photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 15:  Megan Fox attends the UK premiere of 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' at the Odeon Leicester Square on June 15, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

I love fantasy football. I'm in a league with several of my former students, and I join a couple of other leagues every year. I'm not the best fantasy player, but I know enough to have won two championships, two second place finishes, three third place finishes, in addition to finishing last and next to last twice each. I don't look to find a husband in these leagues. My goal is to take them down. It makes me feel better for every bruise that my cousins gave me.

We don't call men groupies who solely watched Monster's Ball or Swordfish to see Halle Berry naked. We don't call men gay who watch soap operas (My favorite baseball player David Justice said he loved The Young and The Restless). So, why do you feel the need to generalize women who like sports as groupies, Stans, or gay? I am well aware that there are women who watch sports for those reasons, but most of us are genuine fans. I admit that I might be a Stan when it comes to Tony Gonzalez or Shawne Merriman, but give me one reason, I'm still a fan of the Chiefs if not for my love for the team...I'll wait...

390056 01: Actress Halle Berry arrives  at the world premiere of Warner Bros.'' 'Swordfish' June 4, 2001 at the  Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, CA. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty  Images)

I'm also not delusional. I know that I have a snowball's chance in my backyard of meeting, much less doing anything with any of these guys at any time. I'm a dumpy, fat chick who likes watching the best of the best knock the snot out of each other every Sunday, Monday, some Thursdays, and Saturdays, and if they happen to be a good looking dude, well that's all the better.

Until next time, "I feel like I'm the best, but you're not going to get me to say that."-Jerry Rice

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