Saturday, May 30, 2009

Questioning My Fanhood

There is something that you guys should know about me. First of all, I have ADD, and no it was not adult onset I have always have it. Thank God, I'm not ADHD. So the idea that I can follow or do anything for an extended period of time is amazing. Guitar, lasted two lessons so far. Spanish, lasted two months. Lost, I was lost after two years. I mean, right now I am writing this blog, Twittering, and checking my Facebook.

The one thing that I have always managed to maintain my love of football. It started watching my oldest cousin pound the pigskin against our local high school rivals. Then, I saw Joe Montana. I immediately became a San Francisco 49ers. Although I could not see every game, I could not wait until Sunday to watch Joe, John Taylor, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Tom Rathman, well you catch my drift. One of my favorite Super Bowl memory was Joe Montana and Jerry Rice dropping a double nickel on Elway and the Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV. I like most Niners fans had a healthy disdain for the Cowboys, Raiders, and later the Packers and the Broncos.

Now even though I was a 49ers fan, I had brief flirtations with other players. PLAYERS, not teams. Sure, I rooted for the Buffalo Bills in all four of their Super Bowls, but as Niners fan I could not root for any NFC team. As I was saying, flirtations with players on other teams. Rod Woodson, Cornelius Bennett, Deion Sanders, Junior Seau were a few, but there was only one player who caused me to question my fanhood-Derrick Thomas.

Now unlike Rod Woodson who was talented (but let's face it, if he were not cute, I would never have watched the Steelers), he could not tempt me to leave the Niners, but Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith did. I started cheating on my Niners with the Kansas City Chiefs. Keep in mind, in my hometown, we had a better chance of seeing the Chiefs than the Niners, and nothing was finer than Derrick Thomas breaking a quarterback in the morning. Then, I was devestated to learn that Joe Montana was being traded-until I learned it was to the Kansas City Chiefs. All of a sudden it went from my Niners to my Chiefs. I actually found myself rooting against the Niners when the played against my Chiefs. Marty, Joe, the formerly hated Marcus Allen, and Derrick Thomas, what was there not love. Then, they drafted Tony Gonzalez. I was addicted. Then, tragedy struck. Derrick Thomas passed away in 2000. For the first time in my life, I didn't want to watch football.

Then in 2004, I discovered NFL Network by accident on my satellite, and they were showing Chiefs game. I saw Tony Gonzalez leap into the air and score in the endzone, and once again, I was hooked-it was a full on addiction. I could not get enough and, thanks to the NFL Network and the internet, I didn't have to. Everything started out well, but quickly it began to fall apart, and now five years later, I am now questioning my Chiefs fanhood. First of all, I don't like Scott Pioli, nor Todd Haley. I don't know them personally, but they seem to be arrogant jerks. I could be wrong. They keep dropping players right and left; I don't recognize my team. They trade Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta. They haven't made up their mind about Brian Waters and Larry Johnson. Maybe they will, maybe they won't trade Glenn Dorsey. I can't wrap my mind around it. Meanwhile, the Chiefs have won six games in two seasons. That said, outside of Tony Gonzalez, no player for the Chiefs have done anything on the field worthy of admiration. I know most of the blame fell on Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson, but the players didn't do a heck of a lot on the field where it matters.

The 49ers are getting better, but they are in the same boat. Vernon Davis showed flashes, and Patrick Willis is awesome, but neither of them, have impressed me enough to bring me back into the fold. What is a girl to do? I still root for both teams; I still bleed red and gold (both shades), but I need to see something this season. I don't have the stamina to be like the Cubs fans. It has been a long time for both teams (Chiefs, longer of course). There, of course, is this other linebacker who reminds me a lot of the havoc that Derrick Thomas wrecked upon the AFC West. I already find myself watching him more than the Chiefs (mostly because I have Dish Network, and the Chiefs are rarely shown thanks to Lord Favre, Peyton, Eli, and the Saints. I watch a lot of the San Diego Chargers because of the nationals. Even so, I hope TG has a good season in Atlanta (not too good, we need a good draft pick next year considering the Chiefs have nothing this year to show for this trade. I swear, it was like trading a mint condition 1997 Rolls Royce, for what Ford might roll off the line next year.) But, I will not be rooting for the Falcons, just TG, while I hope my Chiefs and Niners get off the skids. I will keep questioning my fanhood, and find myself cheering for the Chiefs and the Niners, even if they go 3-13.

Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!! Go Niners!!!!!!!!!

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